What are your friends and colleagues really worth to you?

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What is Whuff?

Whuff is an experiment in social economy, a way of determining an individual's worth in society.

In the first instance, it is enivisioned merely as a refelection of your standing in your physical and online community. Eventually, it could be used as a means of currency (or as a driver for currency).

Whuff is loosely based on the concept of Whuffie, a social economy first detailed by novelist, Corey Doctorow, in his book, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

How it works:

Every Whuff user has 100 whuffies.

You can assign up to five of your Whuffies to individual people, depending on how important you consider them both to you as a person and to the wider community. The individual 'score' you assign to your friends and family will always remain private.

Using a super bit of algorithmical magic, we take those Whuffies assigned to you and calculate your Whuff score.

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