What are your friends and colleagues really worth to you?

What is Whuff?

Whuff is an experiment in social economy, a way of determining an individual's worth in society.

In the first instance, it is enivisioned merely as a refelection of your standing in your physical and online community. Eventually, it could be used as a means of currency (or as a driver for currency).

Whuff is loosely based on the concept of Whuffie, a social economy first detailed by novelist, Corey Doctorow, in his book, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

How it works:

Every Whuff user has 100 whuffies.

You can assign up to five of your Whuffies to individual people, depending on how important you consider them both to you as a person and to the wider community. The individual 'score' you assign to your friends and family will always remain private.

Using a super bit of algorithmical magic, we take those Whuffies assigned to you and calculate your Whuff score.

To get started, simply register or log in with your Twitter or Facebook account credentials.